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Hi, I’m Grainne, a 33 year old money blogger from Belfast.

I set up WannaBeDebtFree, originally as an Instagram account, to document my journey towards debt freedom, in July 2017. At the time, my partner and I had nearly £16k of unsecured debt, and while we had decent jobs, life nowadays is difficult to navigate through without acquiring debt. As recent first time buyers, we found our income couldn’t keep up with our expenditure as we worked to make our house a home. Add a brand new car purchased on financial lease, and that’s how we got into debt.

We finally decided enough was enough when my partner’s job was put at risk of redundancy. It made us realise that not only were we putting ourselves under huge pressure to maintain a certain lifestyle, but that as long as we kept burying our heads in the sand, we were leaving ourselves vulnerable to the debt cycle.

So after that initial light bulb moment, we gritted our teeth and budgeted our salaries, made lifestyle changes, side hustled and paid off our debt! We entered the debt free club on 18th July 2018, just under one year from when we started. Since then, we’ve cut our working hours, improved our health, and are just generally much happier little beings.

Since then, I’ve learned a thing or two about managing money and being savvy with your budget. My blog aims to help others get out of debt and build wealth by delivering saving and money making inspiration, so that they can live their best financial life. I’m here to say, if you’re thinking of trying to improve your financial situation: do it. It’ll be the best money you’ve ever spent.


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