Save Money, Make Money: My February Goals

Save Money, Make Money: My February Goals

January 31, 2019 0 By wannabedebtfreeuk
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Save money, make money: the main things on my financial goal list for February!

save money make money february goals

My 2019 goals are off to a great start. I’ll be focused on ways to save money for Baby Step 3, our wedding and the future over the coming year.

My current best tips to save money are:

  • Save money on groceries by building a leftover night into your meal plan, bulk prepping, and swapping takeaways for fakeaways. (All of this is documented in my Instagram highlights, FYI.)
  • Do a budget, and stick to it religiously (my budget planner for use with Excel is linked)
  • Save money on purchases with Topcashback and Shopmium
  • Focus on not spending rather than saving. Instead of perceiving shopping the sales or getting a bargain as savvy, see it as purchasing unnecessarily. We are so easily swayed by discounts, sales and bargains that we forget to actually assess if we would purchase an item at full price.

2019 is not only my year to save money, but to make money from blogging. I would really like to build a passive income and I think this might be a great option to do that. To do so, I’ll be postponing all other side hustles. This was a tough decision to make but I am a big believer in putting mental health first and therefore I prefer to focus on one thing at a time.

Unfortunately that means postponing matched betting for the time being. So for full transparency, you will see me continue to promote matched betting because I really believe it’s the best way to make money instantly. But for now I’ll be turning my side hustle focus to blogging.

On to February goals! Here’s what I have planned:

Save Money: £500

I want to save £500 towards our wedding in April this month. We all know that to lose weight, we need to consume less calories that we burn. The same can be said to save money; we need to spend less than we earn. So where that £500 would usually be allocated to going out, takeaways, coffee runs, and holidays, we’ll be saving it instead.

Make Money: £100

My goal is to add another income stream on top of my day job this year and I’ll be using my blog as a platform for that. I’ll keep you updated on it goes.

If you are less interested in the (potential) long term income hustle, and more interested in how to make money right now, here are some suggestions.

Give our home life some TLC

Thanks to Marie Kondo, there has been such a boom in decluttering this month. Here’s some of the ways I’ve implemented a few improvements around our home in January:

  • Creating a designated spot for donation items and scheduling in Google calendar a day for taking donations to the charity shop each month
  • Ringing our electricity supplier and negotiating a better tariff (they also threw in £15 for free, so it’s well worth making the call)
  • Following Mrs Hinch’s tips on how to re-organise cupboards and storage.

I have also discovered the treasure trove of B&M this month! Some gems I’ve bought:

  • Pumice stones for 50p (these are usually £1.50 in Superdrug)
  • Amazing reusable make up removal cloths for £2.49 (don’t you love when save money tips are good for the environment?)
  • Beautiful bedroom lamps for £6.99
  • More cleaning supplies than even Mrs Hinch herself could need.

Wedding Planning

We are less than three months away from our wedding day (16 years to the day we met… awww). Our plan is to get hitched in NYC. Rather than being motivated by saving money, we just didn’t want a big white wedding. However, the fact that we will save money is just icing on the (overpriced, three-tier) cake. It will cost £5,00 for our wedding, plus a week in NYC. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram where I’ll be working on finding the perfect high street wedding dress and wedding planning in February 🙂

Anyways, that’s my February goals. Comment below to share a goal of yours this month! How do you plan to make or save money in February?

save money make money february goals