Earn Money: How to Make £500 In One Month

Earn Money: How to Make £500 In One Month

November 21, 2018 9 By wannabedebtfreeuk
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This year, we set ourselves a goal to earn money for Christmas. We are going to make £500 in one month from side hustles to cover the cost. I am super motivated to earn money! Many people think that earning money on the side is quite difficult. But it’s just a matter of knowing the best ways to side hustle.

So if you are reading this post, I hope you want to earn money too. I’ve come up with a few ways that will help you earn £500 in one month.

Making £500 in one month will obviously require a time investment. Give yourself a mini goal for how much you want to make with each side hustle, and remember, not all side hustles are created equal. Some are easier but pay less, like surveys. Some require time and effort but produce a far bigger return, like matched betting and selling. A combination of two or three of the below ideas would be ideal.

earn money how to make 500 in one month


Earn Money with Matched Betting

My favourite side hustle is Matched Betting! I’ve earned around £6,000 tax free since February 2018.My earnings have subsidised our living costs, paid for a holiday and now I’m going to use it to earn money for Christmas.

To get started, you need about £50 (which you will get back, with profit on top, when your first bet settles), and an hour or two to watch the videos in the Profit Accumulator free trial to really understand the process. In my opinion, it takes a few attempts to really understand what you are doing. But it is so worth the effort, and you get a really good rate of return for your time.

If you are new to matched betting, you could easily surpass the £500 target we are aiming for in this blog post. Expect to make between £70 to £90 per week for about two to three hours of work.

So if you’ve been putting off starting matched betting then now is the time to get started! The Profit Accumulator trial is free, and you can earn money while you learn the process (up to £45). There is no obligation to continue if you don’t feel confident after giving it a go. Matched betting is a great option to earn money. If you have considered starting it but haven’t yet taken the plunge, make today the day that you go for it!

Earn Money by Selling Your Stuff

Decluttering can be therapeutic. Being able to make money from the things you own is a great bonus when you no longer want or need them.

Earn money by selling on eBay, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, or Gumtree.

When listing, take good pictures and be honest in your descriptions. Disclose all defects. Choose end times wisely- eBay suggests ending auctions on Sundays when web traffic is at it’s peak. All of these little details are small, but will help you to earn money by maximising your profits and hit that £500 target that we are aiming for.

Earn Money with Re-Selling

Re-selling involves buying items that you can them flip for a profit, and in this blog post, we will focus on re-selling clothing. If you have another area of expertise, then you can always re-sell items within your niche.

Use a good charity shop as a starting point. Many people enjoy re-selling clothes as a side hustle because there is the possibility to strike gold at any second. You can find something that you know you can re-sell for a huge profit. And everyone wins; the charity shop gets their sale, you make some money, and your buyers gets an item they love for less.

If you know your clothing brands, you’ll find re-selling a little easier in the beginning because you’ll be able to identify which brands will produce a profit, but this can be honed with experience.

A lot of people earn money with re-selling and for fashion lovers, it’s can be a great hobby that earns on the side. Re-selling is something that you could consistently hit your £500 goal on month on month.

Earn Money with Casual Work

I know this is a fairly obvious one, but I thought I’d mention a side hustle for those who would prefer to get out and about to earn money,. Mr M side hustles every year helping with the entertainment as part of Christmas dinner events, and he really enjoys it. He can easily rack up £500 per month helping out on Friday and Saturday evenings for a few hours.

At this time of year, hospitality is booming. Contact your local restaurants, bars and pubs to see what casual work is available.

Earn Money by Referring People to Things You Love

If there’s something you love, see if they have a refer-a-friend program that means you earn money every time you refer someone. Shopmium, Topcashback and Quidco are a few places to get started with generous referral programs. And as we are all on social media, why not utilise it? You can add a referral link to your profile. An easy way to start earning money 🙂

Earn Money with Money Making Apps, Websites and Surveys

While this idea is definitely one of the lower earners on my list, it’s such an easy way to earn money and therefore it had to be included! You can find my round-up of my favourites here.

Your time commitment is minimal and they are all easy to use. My favourites are Prolific and YouGov .

earn money how to make 500 in one month

So this is my list of side hustles to make £500 in one month! If your favourite side hustle hasn’t been included on my list, let me know. And I’d love to hear what your side hustle goals are in the comments 🙂


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