DM of the Week: How Do You Make Long-Term Matched Betting Profits?

DM of the Week: How Do You Make Long-Term Matched Betting Profits?

October 17, 2018 6 By wannabedebtfreeuk
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Matched Betting as a Side Hustle

Matched betting is hands down my favourite side hustle.

I see it as a part-time job, and when compared to the other options out there, like selling, reselling, or working for someone else, I think it’s the best option. The money is good, you work from the comfort of your sofa and choose your own hours.

But if you think it sounds too good to be true, there are challenges. You need to put in an initial investment of about £50, which you will get back plus profit, usually as soon as your bet settles. And like any side hustle, you need to up-skill yourself to understand what you are doing and get to grips with the process. However, in my opinion this is no different to any other way to make money. Even if you decided to apply for a part time job to earn extra cash, you would need to invest your time in preparing for interviews. You would need to pay travel costs, potentially buy an outfit for the interview, you might buy a coffee beforehand. We see these costs as an investment upon which we hope to make a return by getting the job, so if you are thinking of starting to do matched betting, see the hour or two you put in to learn the process in the same way you would view interview prep, and that first £50 (which you will get back) in the same way you would view the hidden costs of an interview.

And once you decide to start, the returns are excellent. In my experience, I’ve earned a lot more than I would if I’d invested my time in a traditional part time job, and all of this was at time that suited me, around my day-to-day life. All earnings are tax-free also, an added bonus. So considering the challenges, I still think matched betting is the best and easiest side hustle available to us in the UK today.

But how do you make money long-term? When starting, you work through the ‘sign up’ offers (e.g. Ladbrokes offer new customers an incentive to bet £5 and get £20 in free bets), but once you’ve completed these, what next?

Here is the strategy I’m following, tried and tested, which makes me an average of £90 per week.

How to Make Long-Term Matched Betting Profits

1.Email offers

As an existing customer of many betting sites, as I opened my accounts to complete the sign ups. I get quite a lot of emails from bookie sites each week offering free bets, so I flag them up and then blast through them all when I have half an hour. Over the previous two weeks, I’ve had the following offers:

  • Bet £50 pre-game, get £50 in-play
  • Free £20 on Premier League Football
  • Bet £10 on NFL and Get £10 for any market
  • Bet £5, Get £5
  • Bet £10 and if it loses we will refund your bet
  • Scratch and Win (e.g. a scratchcard containing offers for free bets and spins, that can be attempted on Saturdays and Sundays every week)

There is a whole host of ongoing offers to choose from, and these offers only take a few minutes to complete each, with an average of £20 per week profit. A really easy way to grow your bank.

2. Horse Racing Refunds

This is a major area for long-term profits for any matched bettor. Bookies have tons of refund offers associated with horse racing, basically offering a free bet if you meet the conditions of the offer (usually that the horse you have bet on comes second).

Profit Accumulator does the hard work for you on this one, as they have a tool that gives you all of the close matches (i.e. where the back and lay bet odds are close, meaning your qualifying loss to place the bet is minimal). I tend to look for close matches and or place my bet on the favourite, or second favourite for the race (although the latter strategy is fairly arbitrary, so it doesn’t really matter how you decide to do it as long as your approach is sensible).

When I first started doing horse racing refunds, I was dubious about them because when I completed sign up offers, the free bet was guaranteed whereas refunds are only given if your horse is second, or whatever the conditions of the free bet are, but the system is actually a lot more fruitful than it sounds.

On Friday and Saturday, I go through as many offers as I can do in half an hour, and check later to see what comes in. The more of these you do, the more chance you have to profit. I find that I usually get one to two free bets per session, raking about £20 profit as an average for 30 minutes work. Not a bad hourly rate!

3. 2 Up Offers

2 Up Offers are associated with football (only certain leagues qualify); if the team you’ve place a bet on goes two goals ahead of the other team, the bookie will pay out there and then, regardless of the outcome of the match. When you’ve had an early payout on your back bet, you have a couple of options for your lay bet; you can cash that out early too.

When you decide to cash out is key; cash out straightaway while your team are winning and your profit will be a few pounds. If your team’s opponent come back into play, you can stand to make a lot more (which is where I usually make a decent profit per match). If the match ends in a draw, or the opposing team win, you will win both bets and cash in big time.

I’m the cautious type and therefore tend to cash out before the end of the match, meaning I made between £5 and £30 on these types of offers. But one time, I let the match play out and won £200 when I won both bets.

4. Profit Accumulator Weekly Email

Profit Accumulator members get a weekly email on Saturdays detailing all of the offers for the weekend ahead. It comprises offers for free bets on sporting events over the weekend, as well as decent ongoing offers that are relevant to the day’s events. I usually attempt the majority of the offers and expect to make between £30 to £50 profit from the hour that it takes me to complete them all, and the best bit is that this hour can be done before you even get out of bed on Saturday and you can just check back later to record your profits.

So that’s been my strategy to make long-term matched betting profits.

We are coming up to Christmas so now is the time to start- you could easily make over £1,000 by December, just by doing some of the sign up offers, and use my strategy to start making long-term profits to start off the New Year with extra funds.

I hope my strategy helps you, and of course, if you have any questions, please hit me up in the comments below or over on my Instagram page 🙂