The Five Best Money Making Apps in 2019

The Five Best Money Making Apps in 2019

September 26, 2018 0 By wannabedebtfreeuk
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Money making apps are an easy side hustle for anyone who wants to earn money from their mobile. We already use our mobile phones for several hours each day, and it’s an easy money maker. So why not check out my five best money making apps in 2019 and start earning now?

In my opinion, these are the most profitable and easy apps to make money on your phone in the UK. These are the apps that require no investment whatsoever. You can download them today and start earning without spending any money to get started. You can literally start tonight as you watch Netflix.

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Money Making App #1: YouGov

Best for: interesting surveys

YouGov is a money making app that conducts UK polls on politics, public affairs, products and other topics of interest. You simply complete the surveys as they come in- via app or website. The surveys are sometimes tailored to information you provided previously about your life and preferences. For example, I completed a few surveys on dogs because I previously indicated that I had one. And if you are already into the news and political affairs, you’ll be able to provide your opinions. Completed surveys are paid for in points, and once you get to 5,000, you can cash out £50.

A tip to cash out quickly? Focus on referring to friends and family and you get 200 points for successful referrals. So as a side hustle, you’ll complete surveys but encourage friends and family to sign up, too. You can stick your referral link up on your social media and let everyone know how it works. This is a great strategy to maximise funds from this app. YouGov is an easy way to make £50 here and there.

Money Making App #2: Prolific

Best for: highly paid surveys

Prolific is a website that offers paid survey opportunities to users for academic research. The surveys are usually quite interesting and users are asked for their opinions or are given a scenario and asked a series of questions on it. Prolific is hands down one of the best paying money making apps out there in 2019 and the minimum payout is £5. While they don’t have an app, the website is mobile-friendly and users can log in and see the surveys offered.

There are times when you might have several surveys to choose from at once. However, sometimes the surveys offered are slow. This might be a little frustrating for some users but still worth signing up to.

Google Play/App Store

Money Making App #3: Shoppix

Best for: easy money for very little effort

A slow burner but also incredibly easy money, this money making app deserves a shout out. Shoppix requires UK users to scan their receipts and answer a very brief survey on their shopping experience. You get extra points for scanning on the same day your receipt was issued. And you can answer the odd easy survey for extra points, scratchcards and prize draws. You can then exchange your points for gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, Love2Shop, Paypal cash-out.

And if you make sure that everyone at home saves their receipts for you to scan, you’ll cash out a lot quicker. Their referral scheme offers you both 200 points once anyone you refer uploads a receipt.

I’ve just cashed out £20 on this app and I am working toward another £20 at the minute. My method is to save all of my receipts for the week and then blast through them while I’m having a cup of tea. You have to make it enjoyable for yourself!

Google Play/App Store

Money Making App #4: Job Spotter

Best for: an instant payout

Job Spotter requires users to take pictures of job advertisements in their local area to submit through their app, which then feed into They then award users with points for submissions, giving more points for ads captured from smaller businesses, those that accept applications in person and well captured photos. Users can also verify the quality of other users’ submissions to earn points. You can then redeem your points in Amazon gift cards as soon as you start earning, which means its one of the few money making apps out there in 2019 to offer an instant payout! However, it’s a nice easy way to save up to fund your Amazon wish list habit, if you let your earnings build.

Using this is extremely easy and it’s one of the more interesting money making apps- it takes very little effort to snap job advertisements as and when you see them and it’s quite fun when you spot them.

Google Play/App Store

Money Making App #5: Shopmiummoney making apps 2019

Shopmium is a great app that offers free or discounted groceries to UK users. Although it’s main focus is on saving rather than making money, I really think this app deserves a mention. You can make £3 for every user you refer. Your referral funds are the refunded as part of your discounted purchases. i.e. if you get a 50% discount on an item with Shopmium and you have referral funds, they will add these to your refund.

Shopmium is my favourite money making app because I incorporate the products offered into our meal plan, which is how we save. And it’s also a real buzz when you get a Shopmium haul!

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To get some inspiration for money making apps for surveys, head over to Looking After Your Pennies. Here, Charlotte hosts an interview with Pete, whose side hustle is doing surveys! In addition to earning, Pete’s revelation is that you can also get to try a lot of free products, which is a great perk.

Comment below with your favourite money making app 🙂