Up Your Income With Casino Offers

Up Your Income With Casino Offers

July 26, 2018 0 By wannabedebtfreeuk
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Casino offers are an easy way to make money from home. I first encountered the process as a sidenote to matched betting, and while I’m fairly new to using casino offers as a means to make money, I think it’s a great way for those who want to try matched betting, but are intimidated by the process, to enjoy the benefits without going beyond their comfort zone. Casino offers are much easier, and can still generate a healthy side income.

Casino offers, for the purposes of this post, are offers for free spins, bonuses etc, that are playable on the casino/slot section of the bookie website, or on dedicated sites such as GalaBingo or BGO.

How do I start doing these offers?

Sign up as a new customer to a bingo/slot/bookie site offering free spins to new customers, using the spins in line with the T&Cs (so for example, some require wagering on your winnings and others don’t, some require depositing/logging your card details securely etc.), and withdrawing any winnings.

Another source of free spins is from the promotional emails received from bookie sites when you sign up with them. This is where I’ve started trying the process and made some money already.

How much can I make doing these offers?

I’m fairly new to the process myself, but without actually focusing on building an income from casino offers, and really just using any free spins I’ve been offered, I’ve made around £150 since I’ve started matched betting. But to give you an idea of how much you can make, check out Adam from MoneySavvyDaddy.com’s June income report, where he details how he has made £225 in June doing these offers.

Is it difficult to learn the process?

Nope, you literally just spin the wheel! Unlike matching betting, there is very little to get your head around. When you are offered free spins or bonuses, you log into the site and use them up, then withdrawing any winnings.

In my opinion, the process itself is actually slightly dull; you can set the game to automatically spin for you which is how I do it, and then just wait until all of your spins are used up. I actually view finding the process dull as a good thing; it’s designed to hook you in and make you believe you will win big (when in reality most wins are small, if at all, but they add up if you treat it as a side income), so the fact that I’m not hooked in is a good thing. I would definitely suggest not doing this if you think you might get addicted- it’s easy money, but simply not worth risking it if in doubt. But if not, see it as an easy part time job and a quick way to up your income.

How do you find the offers?

I find them through the site I use for matched betting, Profit Accumulator. They have 50 offers currently on their website, plus a forum where free spin information is posted as and when users encounter them, with many not requiring wagering. You can sign up here as a member and start making your way through the offers. The reason I suggest using PA as a starting point is because they have a guide for each offer, making the process incredibly simple by explaining exactly what the offer requirements are. The monthly cost of membership is £17.99, which is well worth it in my opinion, and I’ve made several hundred pounds per month from it (obviously with my main usage deriving from matched betting, but I’ve still made enough from casino offers to cover the cost of my membership, without really trying).

Another alternative is to simply find the offers yourself, but not only is this laborious but it also requires that you need to familiarise yourself with the specific T&Cs of the offers, wagering requirements etc.  However, this is the free option, and it is entirely doable- it is really up to yourself and what you are most comfortable with.

So I hope that some of you readers out there that don’t want to do matched betting, but want to make some money from home, give it a shot. I’m fairly new to the process myself so I’ll share how I’m getting on with it over on my Instagram page. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for any help you need, or questions you have, and we can learn together 🙂