July Goals- We Made It!

July 3, 2018 0 By wannabedebtfreeuk
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I cannot believe it has been nearly one year since we started our debt free journey. In July 2017, we decided to tackle our £16k debt (comprised of a car lease and a loan we took out for home renovation work after buying a fixer-upper two years prior) because we were sick of the responsibility of having £410 in debt repayments to make each month. Fast forward to now and not only are we so close to becoming debt free, but we’ve been able to find ways to use our money much more effectively, allowing us both to cut our working hours, cashflowed trips to Berlin and Thailand and focus on what is truly important- family, peace of mind and making time for the things you enjoy.

So for the final month that we will be in debt, here are my goals for July:

1. Become debt free!!

Our debt total currently stands at £2018, so we plan on paying this off with our EF (emergency fund), our usual minimum payment taken by direct debit each month, a £350 overpayment from our wages, some matched betting funds that I currently have on standby, and we will side hustle the rest. I’ll keep you posted over on IG on how I’m planning to do that 🙂

2. Put £300 into a new EF

We currently have a really small amount in a separate savings account as we knew we’d need some savings to begin with when we are debt free. Some of our annual household expenses come out of this account though, and this month we have our annual home insurance and doggo insurance to pay. So the jury is still out on this one and I’ll know more once we get paid! For now, as long as we are debt free, that’s all that matters.

3. 18 Workouts

As you guys know, I always like to post my workout goals alongside my financial ones because it keeps me on track, so I’ll continue to share these as we start focusing more on savings than debt. This month I am aiming for 18 workouts, around 4 per week, which will be a mixture of weights and cardio. I’ve been seeing great results since adding more weights to my routine so if this is something that appeals to you, do it!

4. Prioritise mental health

Finally, I always like to keep mental health at the forefront of my mind (pardon the pun) and this month I’ll be taking yoga classes, journalling, practicing mindfulness at home using resources on Spotify/YouTube and making time to chill out.

So that’s all from me, folks! As always, hit me up in the comments with your own goals or tag me in your post on IG. I’d love to know how you have got on as I love reading these posts and seeing how everyone else is smashing their goals. Here’s a little update from Corinna from Inspiring Life Design, a financial freedom blog and one of my favourite IG accounts, on how she achieved her June goals, for some inspiration.

Just think, this time next month you’ll be so glad you started today 🙂

Good luck!