My June Goals- Nearly there!

June 1, 2018 0 By wannabedebtfreeuk
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I can’t believe Summer is finally here after the miserable Winter we’ve had here in Belfast, along with a Spring season that came in like a lion. I can’t help but be metaphoric about it because the colder months comprised the hardest part of our debt free journey. We started last July and, like most goals, it started with motivation, determination and enthusiasm. Cut to October and we had been in our frugal routine for months, with many long months ahead. I’m so glad we are nearly there now, and it’ll be so nice to move on to the next chapter. With that said, here are my goals for the month of June


1. Pay £1093 off debt

I am reducing my working hours so while I have budgeted the above figure as our target towards debt, this might be slightly difficult to achieve. However, without any real income details to hand, this figure is my best guesstimate and I like to set the target higher rather than lower, to give myself a challenge. But we will see how I get on with this one! My plan is to start side hustling again, because I will have a bit of extra time, by matched betting. I completed all of the sign up offers at the beginning of the year, and this truly is as good as it sounds- you can work from home, as much or as little as you like, when it’s convenient for you- and the money is great. I would seriously urge anyone looking at a part time Summer job to give this a shot, and will post another blog with some details if you are considering it (and you can also find some details here and here to get you started!).

2. Add £250 to emergency fund

Our plan is to pay off our last £1000 in debt with our emergency fund, meaning that I would like to get a new, smaller emergency fund in place in order to bridge the gap when we are both debt and savings free (eeeeekkkk!). My target is to make £500 over June and July which will comprise our new emergency fund, and then when we are debt free we are just planning to build a little bit of a savings pot over time.

3. Cut expenses by £100

As I’m taking a drop in income, I’m going to sacrifice a couple of treats that I currently have room for in our budget, the details of which I will share on IG when I’ve decided what hasn’t made the cut! Given that having time back was the ultimate goal when we started our debt free journey, I’m definitely gaining rather than losing.

4. New workout routine

As part of the membership, my gym offers a free consultation where you devise a workout routine based on your ability, needs and goals (this wasn’t even something they advertised, I had to ask!). I don’t have room in my budget for a personal trainer (I wish I did!) but this is the next best thing. I will be starting this new workout routine- mostly weights based, because cardio is too hardio- in June. My gym has advised that many of the exercises can be done in your back garden or home space so if you are looking to get fit without a gym membership, you might be interested! For those of you currently in a gym and looking to change your routine, I would definitely reach out to staff next time you are in to get tailored advice. There is nothing like starting a new routine to keep your fitness journey on track!

5. Blog revamp and writing

The last few months, my health became my priority while my blog and writing took and backseat. With the reduction in working hours, I now have a little more time to prioritise this and I am intending to start re-building my blog and continue working on other writing ventures during the month of June.

What has everyone got planned for June? Please share below or alternatively, let me know on Instagram 🙂