My April Goals: The Final Hurdle is in Sight!

April 1, 2018 0 By wannabedebtfreeuk
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I can’t believe Spring is now in full swing (in theory!)- the year has flown by so far.

In Belfast, we have had a long Winter which has felt like the weather has mirrored real life. We started our journey towards debt freedom in July 2017 and, even though our ability to pay down debt has improved over time, our motivation has waned slightly. The truth is, it’s a hard, boring slog to pay off debt- to put new money towards old stuff can be very depressing.

We have changed so much in the 30 months as first time buyers. We started off full of enthusiasm for our home project, to knee deep in renovations, to neck deep in debt, to realising that the house being pretty and perfect would never bring us the happiness we craved. Now, at the last third of the year where we are paying it all back, I’m impatient for the next chapter of our lives where we focus on the things that are really fulfilling to us. It’s hard waiting for the emotional payday at the end of our debt free journey.

For now, I am focusing on my April goals, which are:

  1. Pay £1043 towards debt. This will be made up of our minimum payment and about £800 in overpayments- heartbreaking, but I just want it gone now so well worth it (trying not to think of how many new pairs of shoes I could buy with it!).
  2. Add £650 to sinking funds, aaaaand we are done. Once we have hit this figure, we have fully funded our car insurance payment for the year and our holiday to Thailand.
  3. Get myself to the gym- this has seriously been helping me relax recently and it’s been nice to focus on building up a sweat. I’ve been doing a mixture of running, rowing, weights and yoga.
  4. Relax- I had a bit of a meltdown in March (being Type A will do that to a girl) and I’ve been forced to take a step back in life and figure out how to relax. Being goal oriented is so detrimental to relaxation- it’s really hard for me and I could easily work through the night on my goals when I get going, which I’ve learned the hard way is not good! So April is all about relaxing, recovering, and trying to get my anxiety levels under control. This will definitely be my biggest challenge so any tips you might have, please share with me here or over on my IG.

Good luck for April x