Marching into Spring: My March Goals

February 28, 2018 0 By wannabedebtfreeuk
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I am so ready for Winter to be over because I absolutely love Spring. January mascarades as the time for a new start but I think that Spring is actually the best time to shake off the cobwebs of your old routine and reset, so if you’ve not been achieving your new years’ goals, this is the perfect time to begin or re-boot.

Here are my goals for March.

1. Pay £743 off debt

This is a combination of the minimum payment on our final debt, and a £500 overpayment, made in two £250 installments. This should bring us comfortably into the £5000s with our outstanding debt, and over the £10,000 paid mark. We are two thirds of the way towards paying off our debt and I can’t believe how fast it was. If you are thinking of starting your journey towards debt freedom, do it! It will be the best money you’ve ever spent.

2. Earn £600 in side hustle money

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you might have noticed I’ve learned the art of matched betting during February, and my total profit now stands at about £300, which is great considering I was really only doing it for about ten days of the month for between an hour and two per day. If you want some more information on this, you can find some initial details here and how I found the first ten days here.

Mr M has a side job too, in the entertainment biz. He’s a stripper. No, only joking, he assists a well-known DJ in our local area on nights out and anything he makes, goes towards our holidays. So with both of us making a small amount of extra income, this should total £600.

I am all about taking care of my mental health and have quickly learned that it’s difficult for me to switch off from matched betting because it’s so easy to make all this extra money from home. In March, I’m setting the boundary that I’m only going to be doing this on the weekends (no later than 5pm on Sundays), to make sure my mind gets a rest.

3. Top up sinking funds by £1300

I currently have sinking funds for Car Insurance/Rates, our holiday in May and Christmas. All in, there is only about £700 in there and I’m hoping this will be closer to £2,000 at the end of March. How I’ll be doing this: side hustle money, saving some money from our salaries (which I do by budgeting our expenses in advance, cutting our grocery shopping budget, and just watching what we spend on clothes and nights out) and Mr M’s birthday is coming up and he’s just asked for Thai Baht for our hols for his pressie, so all of these will go towards the sinking fund.

4. Start walking to work, 9 gym sessions (yoga/weights classes and cardio) and start running outside

Got to have some training goals! I already walk home from work and I’m going to start walking to work too, when the mornings get slightly less cold. As I type, it is snowing outside so I might have a while to wait for this one. I used to run outside many moons ago and want to get back into this so I’ll be donning my running shoes and pounding the pavements in the coming weeks. My aim by the end of the month is just to have ventured out for a run, and I have no expectations of how far or fast I can go. That’s next months problem 😉

5. Start tracking calories and protein

I was cute last month setting myself the goal to use My Fitness Pal when I didn’t even so much as open the app on my phone throughout February. I spoke to a bodybuilder last month and they advised that tracking calories and protein will really help to get an idea of how much I need to eat to lose weight.

I would like to lose a little bit of weight for my holiday coming up but I have no idea how much I can lose in a month so as long as I stick to my workout goal and track my calories and protein (obviously ensuring these are conducive to weight loss), then that’s enough for me. There is no point in saying, I want to lose X amount of weight, when I have no idea if this is achievable or not.

So what are your goals for the coming month? Are they realistic, specific and measurable? Have you got all of the resources to achieve them? Or are you already setting yourself up for failure? I’d love to chat about them so let me know below or on IG!