Matched Betting: Ten Days In

February 21, 2018 2 By wannabedebtfreeuk
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I’ve received so many questions about Matched Betting via Instagram, and in real life, with people wanting to know if it’s too good to be true, or what the catch is. The general consensus is that most people are interested to try it but find it too daunting to begin, or nerve-wracking once they start.

Ten days after starting, my profit is at the £300 mark, and I’ve put in about twelve hours of work. The ‘work’ element involves creating accounts, finding bets, using the tool on Profit Accumulator to work out odds, pricing etc. I also find that it’s hard to keep track of all of the activity so I’ve logged everything on a spreadsheet which I update as I go.

To me, this isn’t a bad way to make a side income, considering I’m sitting at home, picking the hours I’m doing it, usually with my dog at my side, a cup of tea and the TV on. Actually, this is the dream!

With regards to the risk element, there isn’t one, as long as you’ve correctly entered all of the information needed to place your back and lay bets. The reason there is no risk is that you are always putting on two bets; one bet to ‘back’ (e.g. Liverpool FC to win) and one to ‘lay’ (e.g. Liverpool FC not to win). Therefore, you cover all outcomes.

Now, the most asked question I’ve had is- do I need to use my own money to start? You do need a pot of money to get started, but this can be about £50 in the beginning. You will get this back when your bet settles, along with any applicable profit, by withdrawing your account funds from the betting site. In some instances, the money has went back into my account within a few hours, and on other occasions, its taken a few days. What I would recommend, if you have reservations with stumping up any more cash than this, is using your profit to re-invest in further bets. See your profit, for a while at least, as part of your pot. When it gets large enough, you can withdraw some of it and still have enough in your pot for further bets.

When placing your bets, its quite easy to get lost with how much you’ve transferred where, and in my case, what you’ve actually bet on. I have zero interest in the events I bet on so I tend to forget what I’m waiting on to finish before I can cash out. What I have done, as I touched on earlier, it created a tab on my budget spreadsheet where I keep all of the details. On this, I log every transaction, including where each transfer has went, and how much I’ve withdrawn, the profit on each bet, and my current outstanding bets. This is certainly an optional thing but definitely beneficial if you want to keep track of where you are at.

Finally, another thing I have been asked a lot- is the subscription to Profit Accumulator worth the money?

In my opinion, considering I’ve made my money back nearly twenty times over within ten days, it’s definitely worth it! By the time I paid for the first month, I had already made a profit from their free trial of about £40, so I paid for it out of this money. From there, I was able to access a list of about 90 offers to make my way through. Each offer has a link to their forum where you can discuss any issues you are having, and most have a video that talks you through the bet from start to finish. I am only on the 15th offer at the minute, so there is probably about £1.5k worth of profit to go! If you are interested in taking a look at the free trial, or signing up, you can do so here.

Anyway, I hope this helps you and good luck if you are starting out!