Matched Betting: Your Questions Answered

February 13, 2018 2 By wannabedebtfreeuk
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I’ve dabbled in the world of Matched Betting over the last few days and there was a lot of interest on Instagram so I thought I’d write a quick blog post to answer the questions I’ve been getting.

How are you doing it?

I’ve decided to use, which is incredibly simple. All you need to do is watch the video tutorial and follow the steps as instructed. You can complete a free trial, in which you are guaranteed to make up to £45 profit, so there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain! You can sign up here.

I would try to explain how it works but to be honest, the videos explain it so much better than I do so I would urge you to check them out instead.

Is it the real deal?

As I’m only four days in, I’m not claiming to be an expert but my (short) experience has been as good as it sounds. I’ve made £80 so far, which is sitting in my bank account already.

Is it gambling?

I suppose I always defined gambling as ‘betting’ so my perception as I started was that it was a form of gambling. However, when I tried it, I realised there is no real risk as you are always hedging your bets as you place them, so you can’t really lose. My only fear is that I make a mistake when I’m inputting the figures, so the only real risk is making an admin error!

Is it legal?

In the UK, it’s legal. Probably frowned upon by bookies because they aren’t making money out of you, but that’s not really an issue to me because I’ve bet on the World Cup, Grand National and Mr M has been known to place a few bets in his time so they’ve made lots of money from us in the past! I believe you can get ‘gubbed’, meaning they can suspend/ban you from their sites, but you aren’t breaking the law.

Any downsides?

The leap of faith you take when you transfer money into your betting accounts! I don’t know if everyone is like this but as a natural born worrier, I panic when I’m doing things like this, but I have always got it back and I can see how there is no risk with that. It’s a bit harder to manage the money going in and out of my personal account as it’s a bit harder to keep track of, but nothing too challenging.

Is it tax free money?


Where can I get more information?

Some of the resources I used:

How to make £1,000 or more a month with matched betting

Good luck and please hit me up on Instagram with how you get on!