TGIF: Thank God it’s February

February 1, 2018 0 By wannabedebtfreeuk
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Time for new goals!

Has anyone else completely struggled to get through January? It’s been a completely miserable month. I mean, I was prepared for dark days, rain and snow but I was also hoping for lean eating, motivation and gazelle-intense debt repayment. Which did not happen. But here we are with a clean slate for February! Here’s my goals:

1.Pay £743 off debt

We have a minimum loan repayment of £243 to make, and we are going to overpay an extra £500 this month. How we’ve done this is cutting down out grocery budget (I’m aiming to get our monthly ‘big shop’ from £70 to £25 this month, which I will post separately about), and using restaurant vouchers that we received for Christmas as our date night treats. We also bring lunch into work every day, use o2 priority for coffees on Tuesdays, side hustle once per month, etc etc etc.

2. Save £400 towards our holiday

We are off to Thailand in May and it feels dangerously close now, so we need to get our hotel booked (so far, we’ve only booked our flights). I am aiming to spend £500 on our accommodation for two weeks, by using TopCashBack and Expedia Member Prices. By the end of February, I want our holiday to be completely paid off, so we can concentrate on saving for cocktails on the beach and Thai massages.

3. Save £50 towards the Christmas fund

Christmas 2017 caused us to dip into our Emergency Fund so this year I’m going to be more prepared. In addition to saving, I am also using the Shoppix app, which you scan all of your receipts to, and build up points which can be exchanged for shopping vouchers. I am intending to cash out just before Christmas 2018. Why not join me? Invest your time and energy rather than your cash, and cut the cost of of Christmas 2018. My referral code is 1Y22HRVD to get you started with points (and I get points for referring you- thank you if you use this!).

4. 12 workouts

Last month, I made the mistake of not planning out in advance when I was hitting the gym and it knocked me off target completely. This month, I will take five minutes on Sundays to plot in to the week when I have time to workout. Hopefully this makes a real difference.

5. Use My Fitness Pal more…

This is a new one on my goal radar- usually I don’t try to log my food but recently, I’ve not been seeing any results from the walking, yoga and work outs I do so it’s time to go back to basics with the good ol’ calorie tracking. Logging all of my meals will legit be the hardest goal of the month (I can find £900 in our budget for debt and holidays but tracking my calories? Too. Hard.). I just think it’s unsustainable to do this long-term but I’d love some tips on how you stay motivated so hit me up below if you have any.

What are your goals for February? Are you ready to smash it?