My January Goals: Start As You Mean To Go On

January 3, 2018 2 By wannabedebtfreeuk
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Oh January, how I hate you and love you in equal measures. You are the month that houses the Christmas hangover, in all senses of the word; overindulgence, money and fun. But you are also the month that starts off a new year, that seems so full of possibilities and promise.

As a planning obsessive (i.e. real life Monica from Friends), I love to set goals for the year. While some just fall to the wayside, others become goals that I achieve and then carry on in my everyday life, such as starting to opt for a stroll home from work in the evenings rather than taking the bus, which started as a goal, became a habit and is now a pleasure to do, especially on warmer evenings, with a good playlist or podcast.

But focusing on January, here are my goals for the month:


  1. Pay £770 off debt. This is slightly higher than my usual figure of £743, but if we pay a little bit extra, we will break into the £6k mark for our debt figure, so we are essentially just paying a bit extra for the motivation of it. It’s going to be a push but I’ve worked out our budget and it’s doable.
  2. Save £550. This consists of £450 towards our holiday to Thailand in May, £50 towards our Emergency Fund (which I dipped into over Christmas… whoops), and £50 for next Christmas (need to start early this year, considering we spent more than our budget last year


  1. 13 workouts. This consists of two yoga classes per week and weights on Saturday mornings. I’ll also be walking home from work and keeping focused on eating clean, getting 3L of water per day and just making sure I get loads of rest. I really think resting is key with physical goals, because I’ve tried packing too much in to a tight schedule before, and when sleeping less to compensate, and it hasn’t worked out well.

Mental Health:

  1. My one and only goal is to end the month in a better place than I started. My whole family has been ill over Christmas and I inevitably caught the bug. This was on top of a nasty cold I had at the start of December and E Coli, that I had in October (seriously, how did I even manage to get that?!). So I’m just aiming for a few early nights per week, staying off social media on Thursdays (to give myself a break), and doing a bit of writing (I keep a journal and write everything in there about how I’m feeling, which, as an anxious person, is a lifesaver).

What are your own goals for the month? Hit me up in the comments and we can have a chat about them, or failing that, a good moan about how grim January is.